The Company's most important strategic goal, resulting from a Development Strategy for the years 2015–2021 adopted in December 2014 and updated in March 2017, is the transformation of BRASTER S.A. into a global telemedicine platform offering both services aimed at the early detection of breast cancer using the Braster device, and integrating the telemedicine solutions and devices of other manufacturers that have global sales potential.

In its strategy, the company adopted the following strategic objectives:

  • launch of the Braster System sales on foreign markets in 2017;

  • creation of a global telemedicine platform integrating telemedicine solutions from different manufacturers;

  • obtaining the status of global leader in providing services using the device for detecting cancerous pathology within the breast gland using liquid crystal contact thermography technology;

  • device sales in all major countries of the world by 2019;

  • achieving a level of cash flow generation that allows for the annual payment of dividends within 3 years of the commencement of sales;

  • promoting contact thermography as an effective method for detecting cancerous pathology within the breast gland, which shall owe its success to BRASTER S.A.

In accordance with the strategy, the comprehensive offer of the company will be mainly directed to retail customers, with a target of approximately 70% revenues generated through subscription and service sales, and with revenues from device sales to account for only approximately 30%. In some emerging markets, due to specific circumstances, the company does not rule out B2B device sales. The business model, due to the significant revenue share of telemedicine services, should enable the gross margin to be generated at sales at approximately 70%. The sales gross margin should grow with increased volume and lower unit cost of production.

In accordance with the Company strategy, Poland is the first market on which the Braster In-Home Breast Examination System is introduced. At further stages of development, the Company plans on introducing its services on foreign markets with a much higher commercial potential, and in line with the strategic objectives, their contribution to company revenues over the next 5 years is expected to exceed 90%.

The Company strategy is expand abroad through collaboration with distributors with exclusive rights to sell the Braster System in individual countries. The distributors will be responsible for comprehensive sales services, logistics, and will participate in marketing activities. In parallel, BRASTER will develop sales through its own online store and a network of its own sales agents focused mainly on contacting medical offices and gynecological clinics.

Another strategic objective of the Company is the building of an integrated telemedicine platform which is to be implemented through the acquisition of selected business entities or through collaborating with business partners for which the company would act as a distributor of attractive telemedicine solutions mainly on foreign markets. The Company plans on collaborating particularly with manufacturers of telemedicine devices, e-health service providers, and companies providing telemedicine services. The company believes that building a global telemedicine platform will allow for a broadening of the portfolio of product and service offers, will ensure new revenue streams and increase their scale, that it will be a source of numerous cost and operational synergies, and that it will also allow for the full use of skills and experience gained through creating and marketing our own product to ensure the fastest, most attractive telemedicine solution on a global scale.

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