BRASTER S.A. is an innovative technological company operating in the field of telemedicine. The core business of the company is the provision of services for the Braster® In-Home Breast Examination System.

Braster® is the first system in the world that enables women to carry out reliable self-examinations in the comfort of their home so that they can take care of their breast health on a monthly basis. It comes with an offer for services that provide users with automatic interpretation of the results of thermographic breast examinations through a Braster Telemedical Center.

The Company intends to continuously improve the Braster® System and methods of interpreting thermographic examinations. Future product development will focus primarily on the reduction of examination time with Braster, the introduction of a universal liquid crystal matrix, the development of differential methods of comparing thermograms over time, and the optimization of the production process.

The mission of BRASTER is to fight for a future in which all women will be able to detect cancer at an early stage in order to be able to increase the chances of non-invasive treatment and complete recovery. For this purpose, the Company wants to offer every woman in the world the ability to carry out an at-home, independent, non-invasive and reliable breast examination that she will be able to carry out regularly every month.

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