The Company’s share capital amounts to PLN 916.857.40 (nine hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred fifty-seven zlotys and forty grosz) and is divided into 9.168.574 shares, including:

  • 1. 425.000 series A ordinary bearer shares,,

  • 1.047.291 series B ordinary bearer shares,,

  • 30.000 series C ordinary bearer shares,

  • 60.549 series D ordinary bearer shares,

  • 500.000 series E ordinary bearer shares,

  • 2.600.000 series F ordinary bearer shares,

  • 505.734 series H ordinary bearer shares,

  • 3.000.000 series I ordinary bearer shares.

The shares are not preferred shares with regard to the voting rights, dividend rights and division of assets rights if the Company were to be liquidated.


List of shareholders (as of 15.03.2019):

Shareholder Number of shares % of shares Number of votes % of votes
Total 9 168 574 100% 9 168 574 100%

* number of shares given on the basis of Shareholder’s notification of 6 July 2016 and number of series I shares subscribed by the Shareholder; The Issuer has not received any other information from the Shareholder;

1 day 5 days 1 month Period from: to: Volume Share price pl

Raty PayU to możliwość zapłacenia za zakupy w ratach (od 3 do nawet 36)

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