Success of the Bonds issuance. BRASTER gained almost PLN 11 MM

BRASTER, with big success accomplished emission of bonds of series A, which were purposed in the first to the individual investors. Investors covered all offered by BRASTER bonds with the total sum equal PLN 10.5 MM. Because of the big interest the registry reduction was necessary – Reduction rate was 28 pct. Gained funds will be devoted to launch device in the first foreign market.

"We are very pleased that investors have appreciated our offer and covered all offered bonds. It seems that so much interest in our bonds is due to the fact that investors believe in the commercial success of the device. The funds will be used by us. to start selling on one European market in the first half of the coming year. We will do our best to fulfill this commitment on time." – concludes Marcin Halicki, President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A.

Funds raised from the bonds issuance will be devoted to empower of Company working capital and start of BRASTER device pilot sale in the I half 2017 in the one of the chosen European market.

IPOPEMA Securities was offering a bonds. Registration was also possible by agents from Investment company – Expander Advisors and Finanset Group, registration lasted from 16th to 28th November 2016. Braster offered 2,5 summer bonds with the first interest period rate set at 7.5 pct. p.a. and interests payed every 6 months (except for the first and last interest period which last 7 and 5 months respectively). In the next interest periods bonds will have an average interest rate according to variable interest rate based on 6-month WIBOR, enlarged by 5.7 pct. Collateral for the issued bonds will be pledge of machinery and equipment of the Company.

In line with the development strategy for 2015-2021, the BRASTER business model assumes that approximately 70% of the revenues of the Company will generate the sale of high-margin telemedicine services offered in packages along with the device. After the launch of the device in October, the Company plans to launch the device in the first half of 2017 in selected EU markets and in the second half of 2017 enter the US with the highest sales potential.

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