mWealth Management exceeded 5% of stake in BRASTER

mWealth Management S.A. (mWM), an entity managing portfolios of mBank clients, informed yesterday that it had exceeded the 5% stake threshold in BRASTER S.A.

According to the document received by the Company, through a transaction performed on June 24, i.e. on the day of the Braster’s debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), mWM bought 2,190 shares of the Company (the transaction was settled on June 26). Thanks to this transaction, mWM increased its stake in the Company to 280,761 securities, which accounts for 280,761 votes at the General Shareholders’ Meeting (i.e. 5.0005% of votes).

According to publicly available data, other shareholders with over 5% stake in Braster include Tadeusz Wesołowski, funds controlled by IPOPEMA TFI and DM BOŚ S.A.(6.47%, 5.82% and 5.71%, respectively).

Before its debut on the main WSE market on June 24, the Company held a successful public offering, as a result of which it obtained PLN 39 million from investors. The Company will allocate the capital from the issue on financing its new development strategy to introduce the BRASTER device to direct sale for women in the second half of 2016. The funds will be allocated for building a technology line, developing the final commercial version of the device, creating a system for automatic interpretation of thermographic examinations received from the Braster device, as well as completion of work related to placing the product on the market.

BRASTER has moved its quotations to the main WSE market from NewConnect, where it made its debut in 2012. A total of 3,002,291 A-, B-, C- and E-shares and 2,600,000 shares from the new issue of series F were admitted to trading on the regulated market.

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