BRASTER S.A. with its Strategic Consultant on its way to the global market

BRASTER S.A., Polish innovative company using liquid crystal contact thermography technology for breast oncology, concluded an agreement with CMC Consulting Group, an international strategic consultant, on 03/04/2014. CMC specializes in mergers, acquisitions and finding strategic investors in the health care industry. The agreement is for consulting on the development of a growth strategy and finding prospective partners for the international sales of the TESTER.

This collaboration will have two phases. In the first phase, CMC will draft the 2014-2018 growth strategy for the Company, providing for the global launch of the TESTER. The strategy will study the most promising markets and, among others, present sales potential estimates, viable business models, optimized positioning of the TESTER and distribution and sales channels. Based on this and the best market practices, marketing and sales plans will be drafted. Also, the agreement provides for the production of financial projections.

In the second phase, based on the strategy, CMC will target and approach possible foreign investors with experience and know-how in introducing medical devices to the global market. The proposed schedule assumes the 1st phase will be completed within approx. 2 months from the execution of the agreement. The 2nd phase should end in Q4 2014.

"The main goal of our work with the CMC Consulting Group is to develop a growth strategy for the Company for 2014-2018, building on BRASTER’s know-how and strategic assets and, on the other hand, CMC’s knowledge of, and familiarity with, the global medical device industry, specifically the diagnostic imaging area. Thanks to this combination of competences and experience, the TESTER global launch plan should be fully optimized. Being fully aware of its strategic options, the Company and CMC will identify international investors with experience in global marketing of medical devices. It will be our first, but professional and comprehensive, attempt to draw attention of key international health care industry players to both our Company and our innovative TESTER. CMC is one of the most experienced and recognized strategic consultants in the medical industry. We believe that, working together, we will achieve our targets.” – commented Krzysztof Pawelczyk, BRASTER S.A.’s President.

"We are excited with the establishment of collaboration with BRASTER S.A. for the development of the strategy and finding partners for the Company to introduce it to international markets. We believe BRASTER S.A. has a unique technology of global potential and we are glad we can help the growth of the Company.” - said Michał Raciborski, Director with the Polish office of the CMC Consulting Group.

The CMC Consulting Group, global consultant based in Europe, USA and Asia, offers strategic and M&A consulting services to health care industry clients throughout the world. CMC was involved in more than 300 strategic consulting projects and finalized more than M&A, strategic partnership and licensing projects. CMC worked for medical technology, health care, pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, venture capital and private equity clients.

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