BRASTER S.A, an innovative Polish company applying liquid crystal thermography in breast cancer diagnostics, will give a presentation of the outcomes of clinical trials at the 18th SIS World Congress on Breast Healthcare. For the first time, BRASTER will present conclusions derived from the ThermaCRAC trial to the international medical community specializing in breast diseases. The prestigious congress devoted to breast health will be held on October 16–19 in Orlando, Florida (USA).

The results of clinical observations carried out by BRASTER S.A. – the objective of which was to compare the effectiveness of the contact liquid crystal thermography (CLCT) method with standard diagnostic methods in breast cancer prophylaxis – will be presented at the poster session SIS-0928, on October 18 this year by Paweł Basta, MD, PhD, the coordinator of the ThermaCRAC trial at Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum.

“The medical community presentation at the World Congress in Orlando is an excellent target group for the discussion on innovative diagnostic methods for breast gland pathologies. Therefore it is very important to us to be able to share the outcomes of the ThermaCRAC trial with this group,” comments Paweł Basta, MD, PhD from the Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University.

The ThermaCRAC clinical observation was carried out in 2013 on a group of 736 patients with diagnosed breast cancer. The direct objective of the trial was to compare the effectiveness of the Tester device in diagnostics and the differentiation of lesions in women’s breasts against standard diagnostic methods; i.e., ultrasonography and mammography.

“To us, being present at the poster session at the 18th World Congress on Breast Healthcare in Orlando, organized by the Senologic International Society (SIS) and the American Society of Breast Disease (ASBD), is a very important step confirming that our methodology is recognized by the international medical community and is winning its interest. The very opportunity to present the outcomes of the research is not only ennobling, but of particular importance business-wise. This is because it is an essential part of introducing the Tester device to the professional market; i.e., to specialist physicians in selected reference markets in Poland, the United Kingdom, and Germany. We are aware that before commercialization of our innovative device it is necessary to confirm the credibility of the applied contact liquid crystal thermography methodology in breast cancer diagnostics through presentation of the results of clinical observations among physicians,” emphasizes the President of the Board of BRASTER S.A., Krzysztof Pawelczyk.

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