Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP system that, once implemented, will streamline business processes in BRASTER. The owner of a revolutionary technology for breast cancer diagnostics has decided that the system will be implemented by NAV24 Sp. z o.o.

"We are getting closer to our strategic aim, i.e. placing our Braster device on the market in the second half of the next year. It also means a significant increase in the scale of activity of our Company. It requires excellent organisation and preparation of the entire company, which will enable us to implement the Microsoft ERP system," says President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A. Marcin Halicki.

BRASTER informed earlier that it already had a production line for LCD matrices, which constitute the key element of the Braster device. This strategic and very complex project was implemented very smoothly. Thus, the Company can make use of a fully operational infrastructure in the production plant in Szeligi near Warsaw. The new ERP system will be responsible for managing the whole Company, in particular in terms of such key processes as production, logistics, sales. It will also allow for accurate tracking of different batches of LCD matrices produced by the Company.

"The ERP system will be implemented in two steps: in early 2016, we want to launch the finance and accounting module, budgeting and document workflow, i.e. all key areas necessary for a listed company to operate, whereas by mid-2016, we want to integrate production modules with the launched technology line. In order to optimise implementation costs, we have chosen a mixed implementation model – we have bought own licences, whereas installation will be carried out in the cloud model," says Member of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A. and Financial Director Konrad Kowalczuk.

In June 2015, BRASTER moved its quotations from NewConnect to the main WSE market. Before its debut on the WSE, the Company held a successful public offering, as a result of which it obtained PLN 39 million from investors. The Company allocates the capital from the issue on financing its new development strategy to introduce the BRASTER device to direct sale for women in the second half of 2016.

Currently, the funds have been used for building a worldwide unique technology line for the production of liquid crystal matrices, which is now in the production facility and fully operational. Apart from production of LCDs, which will be manufactured by the Company itself, the remaining device assembly works will be outsourced to a reputable partner, who is a Contract Manufacturer. At the same time, BRASTER is near finishing negotiations with a company that will provide a final consumer design of the device and plan its industrialisation.

The remaining funds are used for activities related to placing the product on the market. The product will first be available on the Polish market. In 2017, its distribution in Germany and the United Kingdom is to begin. A year later, the device will be placed on the markets of i.a. other European Union countries and the United States.

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