The BRASTER S.A. Management Board’s strategy assumes as rapid launch of the TESTER as possible. The entry to reference market will be initiated as early as after mid-2016. In the 1st phase, the launch will be targeted at medical specialists in UK, Germany in Poland and then, meant for women, additionally in USA, France and the Netherlands. The existing study confirms that the TESTER has a huge market potential, whereas clinical trials prove the device is efficient, completely safe and able to complement the present breast diagnostics instrumentation inventory to enhance early cancer detection.

BRASTER S.A., now traded on the NewConnect, plans to introduce the TESTER to both professional (specialized, including gynecology, among others) and mass consumer markets.

"We will introduce the TESTER to the professional channel first, also in order to build confidence in, and reaffirm the reliability of, the liquid crystal thermography technology among experts and medical specialists. The dissemination of our diagnostic method will be supported with clinical trials, result presentations to research conferences, publications in medical magazines and collaboration with opinion leaders." – said Krzysztof Pawelczyk, BRASTER S.A.’s President.

"The German market stands out with its large population of medical specialists (gynecologists): more than 17,500. In addition, a major part of medical procedures in gynecology are financed privately. UK, in turn, has a highly developed private health care system and, therefore, the target group for the device are specialists working at the country’s private clinics. There are 4,200 gynecologists there." – says Konrad Kowalczuk, BRASTER S.A.’s Management Board member.

"Also, our strategy assumes launching the product in Poland with its 7,500 gynecologists. The medical policies applicable here allow visiting a gynecology clinic without any referral from a general practitioner." – added Konrad Kowalczuk, BRASTER S.A.’s Management Board member.

The business model presented by the Management assumes that BRASTER S.A. will earn not only by selling the device but, first of all, by offering tests.

"It is obviously too early to make public speculations about our pricing details but we intend to offer the device and the tests at as attractive and affordable prices as possible, particularly when compared to the costs of ultrasonography amounting to GBP 200-400 in UK, approx. EUR 4-50 in Germany or PLN 120 in Poland. We wish to make the TESTER accessible to the widest mass population at a cost encouraging in frequent returns for tests. Therefore, our device will be distributed in collaboration with our best international partners."–added President Krzysztof Pawelczyk.

The next market launch phase will cover also the consumer channel in six reference countries: USA, UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Poland. These markets have been targeted first as most promising.

"The device will be implemented as soon as possible, depending on the buy-in to the method by medical communities and the timing of development of the digital result interpretation system for consumers." – stressed President Krzysztof Pawelczyk.

According to cancer incidence statistics, the disease is most frequent in the developed countries of the West. The populations of these countries are also more aware of cancer prevention. The target group for the TESTER on the consumer market are women aged 30-69 with university background. Based on the Company’s knowledge this group in the aforementioned countries alone represents almost 53 million women. And the global population is 250 million.

"An important segment of this group are women aged 30-50. This is because they are not covered by national breast cancer diagnostic schemes while the incidence of this tumor type is growing among them." – added Konrad Kowalczuk.

"The hitherto strengths of BRASTER include, among others, the innovative TESTER based on liquid crystal thermographic matrices for breast cancer diagnostics; our team of outstanding engineers, high class specialists with long experience in liquid crystal thermography and process engineering; but also extensive technical resources including a test lab and manufacturing rooms suitable for the placement of the manufacturing line. Our intellectual property has been secured with international patents, which will protect us from competition in the next 20 years, and the clinical trials completed so far are explicit in their judgment: the TESTER is a secure and efficient tool complementary to the existing ultrasonographic and mammographic imaging. Thus, we have staged an impressive weaponry against the global struggle against breast cancers. However, before we go to war on cancer in mid-2016, we want to give a final touch to some of our initiatives serving to enhance the functionality of the TESTER and complete our clinical trial programs and process lines." – wrapped it up Krzysztof Pawelczyk, BRASTER S.A.’s President.

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