BRASTER started cooperation with Santander

The producer of the globally unique device for breast self-examination, BRASTER S.A., is diversifying its sales channels, reaching more and more users. The Company has just finalised an agreement for delivering 1,500 examination packages to Santander Consumer Bank, which will be distributed among the personnel of this institution under the BeHealthy initiative, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among employees. Large corporates are an important and prospective sales channel for the Company. The Company also hopes for acquisition of other strong and reliable commercial partners.

"For the past months, our team has been intensively working on reinforcing and building awareness of the BRASTER brand on the Polish market. Based on our experience, we are diversifying our distribution channels by shifting the focus on sales in pharmacies to direct sales to companies and large corporates, which will offer the Braster System to their female employees as part of CSR. Moreover, we continue our cooperation with local government authorities. We want to develop the B2B sales channel more intensively, as we see its potential and considerable cost efficiency," explains President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A. Marcin Halicki.

Throughout the last year, the Company did not only build the BRASTER brand awareness, but also undertook education activities to sensitise women about the importance of prevention in the fight with breast cancer. The actions undertaken allowed i.a. for obtaining an opinion from the Polish Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians and launching other sales channels of the BRASTER device.

The agreement concluded with Santander Consumer Bank confirms that the Polish market is more open for telemedicine and that this segment of health care may become increasingly popular in the coming years. Purchase of the Braster System by large institutions is a targeted action that supports the health of employees and raises awareness about preventive examinations.

At the same time, the Company is undertaking actions to enter foreign markets as soon as possible.

Negotiation on sales or pilot concerning the Braster System are taking place on markets from all around the world. Currently, Braster keeps in touch with potential partners from UAE, China, India, Argentina, South Aftica, Iran, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The Company is currently at the stage of pilots on the Japanese market. In the United Arab Emirates, the pilot is to be launched as soon as the system registration is completed.

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