BRASTER’s production line in Szeligi completed

BRASTER S.A. – owner of revolutionary technology for breast cancer diagnosis, finish I phase of investment and from today has production line for liquid crystal matrices, constituting the key element of the BRASTER TESTER device. Created ready for use now production facilities infrastructures, including production line, situated near by the Warsaw in Szeligi, is allowing BRASTER Company to launch the device to sale in accordance with the schedule i.e. in II half 2016.

Thanks to above-mentioned technological line and necessary facility infrastructure, The Company will be able to conduct whole production process of liquid crystals matrices.

II phase of investment works includes start of line installation, its start-up and production tests, which will be accomplished in May 2016. Daily capacity of that machine, without taking in to account losses, may reach over 2 thousand of matrices sets.

"Innovative technology, which currently we possess in our productive facilities is an investment with pivotal significance for future development of company. We are very satisfied that realization of investment is going fluently and on time. Without hesitation I can say, that we possess liquid-crystal matrices manufactory, which constitute heart of our devices. Nobody in the world is able to create something like that, because we are the inventors and we now the best how accurately lead the production processes." – said Marcin Halicki President of BRASTER S.A.

In June 2015, BRASTER acquired PLN 39 million under a public offering. The funds will be allocated not only for construction of a technology line, but also for such objectives as developing the final commercial version of the device, creating a system for automatic interpretation of thermographic examinations produced by the Braster device, as well as realisation of work related to placing the product on the market.

Apart from production of LCD matrices, which will be manufactured by the Company itself, the remaining device assembly works will be outsourced to a reputable partner, who is a Contract Manufacturer. At the same time, BRASTER is near finishing negotiations with a company that will provide a final consumer design of the device and plan its industrialisation, i.e. performing all necessary work based on the visual concept of the device to eventually produce documentation, which is sent to the factory for the manufacturing line.

According to the strategy, the comprehensive product package, consisting in the Braster device and subscription, will be directly addressed to women and placed firstly on the Polish market. In 2017, the device will be placed on the British and German markets and in the following year in the majority of the remaining EU countries and on the American market.

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