BRASTER S.A., owner of a revolutionary technology for breast cancer diagnostics, is launching its Public Offering of shares. The Company may obtain up to net PLN 38.4 million (gross PLN 40 million including the costs of issue) for investment. The maximum price of shares in the offering has been set at PLN 19. From Wednesday, May 6, retail investors may subscribe for the Company’s shares.

The Public Offering will include the sale of up to 2.6 million new series F shares, and the maximum price for a share is PLN 19. The Company may offer fewer shares than the maximum number specified in the Issuing prospectus. The offering will be addressed to retail investors and to institutional investors. BRASTER plans to obtain approximately gross PLN 40 million from the share issue.

Subscriptions for retail investors will be accepted at customer service points of Dom Maklerski Pekao, Dom Maklerski mBanku, Biuro Maklerskie Alior Banku and Dom Maklerski BOŚ from May 6 to May 13, 2015.

The subscription period for the offered shares for institutional investors will last from May 15 to May 19, 2015.

"We hope that our public offering will enjoy huge interest on the part of both institutional and retail investors. We have a globally unique technology used in the device that has a chance for success on the market of medical services." – says Marcin Halicki, President of the Board of BRASTER S.A.

Issue objectives

BRASTER S.A. intends to allocate the proceeds from the issue of new shares primarily for the following:

1. Investments in production (PLN 13 million), which will include:

  • the building of a technology line for mass production of liquid crystal thermographic films,

  • auxiliary infrastructure ensuring efficient and safe operation of the plant (construction and assembly works, air conditioning and ventilation systems, power system, water supply and sewage system, software for controlling the elements of the technological line),

  • overall preparation of the plant for the production and assembly of liquid crystal matrices,

  • and start-up of the technology line, its detail tests, validation and acceptance, production of the trial sample, and recruitment and training of the production personnel.

2. Production process (PLN 7.1 million):

  • costs related to the production of Braster devices for sale, including the production of liquid crystal films in the plant in Szeligi and ordering necessary elements for recording devices, packaging, user instructions, etc.

  • production of all Braster elements, excluding film, will be commissioned to specialist external companies specializing in the outsourcing of electronic equipment production,

3. Marketing, sales, and advertising (PLN 7.2 million):

  • marketing studies aimed at the best possible presentation of the product and reaching out to the largest possible number of women with the product,

  • searching for commercial partners both in Poland and abroad,

  • a promotional and advertising campaign.

3. Research and development (PLN 3.2 million):

  • the development of our own research and development laboratory,

  • the implementation of research projects.

4. A telemedical system (PLN 2.9 million):

  • the development and creation of a system integrating various technological platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac),

  • equipment (computers, tablets, smartphones),

  • purchase of necessary ITC infrastructure with software,

  • hosting of servers and employment of competent personnel.

The remaining funds will be invested in product development, clinical trials, and costs related to patents and other expenses necessary for the functioning of the Company.

Schedule of Public Offering:

  • 6-13 of May – subscription for retail investors

  • 6-14 of May – building of the order book among institutional investors

  • 14 of May – determination of the final number and selling price of shares offered to individual investors

  • 15-19 of May – subscription for institutional investors

  • 20 of May – assignment of shares and closure of the offering

Currently, the Company’s largest investors include Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska S.A. (DM BOŚ), Ipopema Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. (Ipopema TFI), Tadeusz Wesołowski, and its founders. The two largest institutional investors (DM BOŚ, Ipopema TFI) and the Board of the Company undertook not to dispose of their shares for a year from the moment of determination of the final price of shares.

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