The producer of the innovative system for breast cancer home preventive care sold all of the 3 million stocks of series I within the Public Offering and obtained the funds in the amount of PLN 40.5 gross. BRASTER will use the capital mainly for the international expansion of the Company and its development in the area of telemedicine.

The Company offered 3,000,000 stocks of the new series I and all of them were subscribed for. In the end, institutional investor were granted 2,923,990 stocks, and individual investors – 76,010 stocks. The stock issue price was PLN 13.50 and the Offeror was IPOPEMA Securities S.A.

So far, the Company capital has been divided into 6,168,574 stocks. After registering the stocks of series I from the new issue, the number will increase to 9,168,574 stocks, and thus the new stocks will constitute 32.7 in the increased capital.

"We are happy with the course of the issue and with the interest that the BRASTER stocks enjoyed. All the offered stocks of the new issue were successfully subscribed for, for which we would like to thank the Investors. The Offer was mainly attended by renowned Polish financial institutions, but also individual investors and foreign entities. We continue to concentrate on our strategy, and the money from the Offering will allow to develop our Company effectively and dynamically. As a result, we are expecting a regular improvement of results in the subsequent periods and an increase in the value of the Company for all the stockholders." - said Marcin Halicki, President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A.

Funds obtained by BRASTER will be mainly devoted to foreign expansion. This year, the Company is planning to start sales in Great Britain and to start further pilot projects in several states, having already done so in Ireland, Japan and Dubai. If the consent of the FDA is obtained, the Company would like to enter the US market by the end of this year. For the purpose of executing the expansion plan, it is necessary to incur the expenditure, in particular on increasing the working capital, increasing the sales capacity, developing the IT infrastructure, adapting the Braster System to the requirements of the respective markets, and conducting the certification procedures and maintaining the operating capacities of the Company.

Until 2021, BRASTER is planning to have entered markets which guarantee an access to over 21 million people from the specific target group. Until that time, foreign sales will have constituted over 90% of total sales.

At the same time, one of the strategic objectives of the Company is also to construct a global integrated telemedicine platform, apart from the Braster System, as well as telemedicine solutions and devices of other producers, characterized by global sales potential.

Legal disclaimers:

This material is solely of promotional character and is associated with the public offering in the territory of the Republic of Poland of the stocks of series I (“Offered Stocks”) of the BRASTER S.A. company with its registered office in Szeligi (the “Company”). This material does not constitute an issue prospectus or an information memorandum as defined in the applicable provisions of the law, nor a sales offer or any advice, incentive or recommendation. The liability for the manner of using information included in this material rests solely with the person using this material.

In relation with the public offering of the Company’s Offered Stocks, the issue prospectus was published (the “Prospectus”). The Prospectus is the only legally binding offer document containing the information on the Company and on the Offered Stocks, and you should become closely familiar with its contents before making any investment decisions. The Prospectus with potential annexes and update communications was made publicly available in electronic form and is available at the website of the Company (http://braster.eu/notowania/), as well as at the website of IPOPEMA Securities S.A. – (http://www.ipopemasecurities.pl).

Neither the Prospectus nor the Offered Stocks will be registered or approved or will be subject to a notification submitted to any regulatory body in any jurisdiction outside the Republic of Poland.

The promotional material is subject to the protection resulting from the act on copyrights and related rights. It is prohibited to copy, publish or disseminate it without the written consent of BRASTER S.A. and IPOPEMA Securities S.A.

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