BRASTER extend plans for foreign expansion by Middle East

Producer of unique device for breast self-examination took part in one of the biggest trade-shows events in the medical industry in the world - Arab Health Trade. Company presented device and functionality of Braster System and held several important conversations with potential partners, not only from Middle East but also from the whole world. Moreover company received prestigious Innovation and Inspiration 2017 award given during the High Tech Congress in Eindhoven for industrial design project.

Trades fair held from 30th January to 2nd February in Dubai. It is the biggest that kind exhibition at the Middle East, which attracted in this year almost 4.5 thousand world leaders of health industry form over 70 countries. During this event medical devices producers have opportunity to meet with traders, distributors and representatives of scientific communities.

"On the Arab Health trade we carry on several conversations with potential partners form GCC Countries, for whom we are a very promising offer because of the cultural reasons. We manage to interest representatives for India, Korea and China. Middle East is bringing many possibilities, nevertheless currently we are focusing on conducting negotiations with partners, which we met earlier, for example like ones we met on Medica trades in Dusseldorf – that are Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark. In one of this countries in I half of the year we have been carried out testing sale. Next step we direct to the Great Brittan, USA." – said Marcin Halicki, President of BRASTER S.A.

During many business conversations with partners from the Persian Gulf we acquainted with the specificity of that market, enough to extend developed expansion strategy for Middle East also. This region is giving a big development potential, not because of the cultural conditions only but also short registration process and big chances for foundation of the conducted researches by the Company. Because of the poorly developed medicine in that region, Braster device can succeed even better than in other European countries.

In the coming months as president Halicki highlights the priority for BRASTER is to carry on the pilot sells on one of the European markets. Company is taking under the consideration countries like Netherlands, where chance for BRASTER appreciation is bigger. Even because of the fact that in the last week the industrial project of the device also its design, which developed Dutch company Pezy Group, won prestigious Prize of Innovation and Inspiration 2017, during the High Tech Congress in Eindhoven.

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