BRASTER S.A is getting closer to commercialisation of its Braster device. The owner of a revolutionary technology for supporting breast cancer diagnostics has already built its production line in Szeligi and completed the third stage of work implemented along with the Institute of Electronic Systems at the Warsaw University of Technology, addressing optimisation of artificial intelligence algorithms for computer analysis of images from the Braster device.

"It is a very important moment in the development of our project. We have just received our ultra-modern production line, which we could present to investors and media and which was commissioned in record time; meanwhile, we have just completed the next stage of research work carried out with the University of Technology. Thanks to the implementation of these projects, today I can definitely confirm that we plan to put the device on the market in the second half of next year," says Marcin Halicki, President of the Management Board of BRASTER S.A.

The project implemented in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology was aimed at improving the efficiency of the system for automatic interpretation of thermographic examinations, achieved at the 2nd stage of SANTANA project, and to manufacture a prototype of the system for "differential interpretation of historical examinations of the same woman". The work on the modification of dedicated algorithms was carried out based on a set of 186 examinations, including 45 pathological examinations and 141 examinations considered non-pathological. What is very important is that 160 sensitivity and specificity attributes were analysed in terms of their effectiveness, and based on the results 120 best attributes were chosen. The next optimisation stage will be the selection of appropriate parameters so that the criteria give the highest scores possible, above 80%.

In addition, the team from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology developed a prototype computer system, which will be used for the development of algorithms for differential thermograph analysis. The app definitely distinguishes BRASTER from other diagnostic methods – it has a function that compares the subsequent examination results to identify the changes, which will potentially allow to identify the threats at a very early stage of development.

The version of the system developed under this project will be used in the next clinical trial under the INNOMED project, implemented jointly with the Medical College at the Jagiellonian University. To increase its efficacy, the data interpretation system will require further improvement based on a larger number of training sets with the use of new attributes.

In June 2015, BRASTER moved its quotations from NewConnect to the main WSE market. Before its debut on the WSE, the Company held a successful public offering, as a result of which it obtained PLN 39 million from investors. The Company allocates the capital from the issue on financing its new development strategy to introduce the BRASTER device to direct sale for women in the second half of 2016.

Currently, the funds have been used for building a worldwide unique technology line for the production of liquid crystal matrices, which is now in the production facility and fully operational. Apart from production of liquid crystal matrices, which will be manufactured by the Company itself, the remaining device assembly works will be outsourced to a reputable partner, who is a Contract Manufacturer. At the same time, BRASTER is near finishing negotiations with a company that will provide a final consumer design of the device and plan its industrialisation.

The remaining funds are used for activities related to placing the product on the market. The product will first be available on the Polish market. In 2017, its distribution in Germany and the United Kingdom is to begin. A year later, the device will be placed on the markets of i.a. other European Union countries and the United States.

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